Tax Return Estimator & Income Tax Guides 2018 - 2019

Tax Return Estimator 2018 - 2019

As tax season rolls in and images of Uncle Sam come prancing in your head, it's time to estimate your tax return and get rid of that stressful feeling that comes with not knowing what your IRS tax liability will be this year and get on with tackling your tax debt.

You can use our tax return estimator tool below for free to estimate your federal income tax liability.

However, keep in mind that this tool requires a net income figure since it does not take deductions into account.

For more accurate calculations and deduction inclusion, use the free TurboTax or H&R Block tax return estimator.

All tax estimators listed here do NOT require personal identity information, so your able to produce your tax return estimate anonymously.

TurboTax FREE Tax Return Estimator

H&R Block FREE Tax Return Estimator

Income Tax Return Refund Estimator

Note: this is a tax estimator, for more accurate results use the TurboTax or H&R Block calculator for FREE and accurate calculations that include Medicare and Social Security taxes as well as deductions..

TurboTax is the #1 selling online tax preparation software on the market today. With their suite of tax software programs and FREE to use tax return estimator, you are sure to find everything you need for preparing and filing your tax return online.

H&R Block is a top notch competitor in the online tax filing arena. Plus, they lead the nation for local tax preparation professionals with offices throughout the U.S. and oversees. With HR Block you get online or download tax programs as well as a FREE to use tax return estimator calculator.

Estimate tax refund with one of these tools and just some basic annual income figures. Get a good picture of your IRS tax liability before you even start to prepare your tax return.

Once you know where you are financially with the IRS, you can then make a much more educated decision on when you will need to start your online tax return preparation & filing.

If you have deductions, the free TurboTax or HR Block professional tax calculation tools are extremely accurate since they take all financial details into consideration including; deductions, exemptions, credits and benefits, charitable contributions, as well as Medicare and Social Security taxes that may apply to your personal tax filing situation.

One point I want to make about these tax estimator calculators is that you can use these tax tools anonymously without putting any personal identification information into the calculation.

Now there is a lot of benefit to this including the fact that you simply don't have to worry about being tracked or personal information being transferred or stored online. Form me that is comforting.

Try a top rated tax software program today!

Don't let the tax season blues get to you. Use a tax refund estimator today to get rid of that anxiety that comes with not knowing what your tax liability is with that guy in the top hat... Uncle Sam...